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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker  Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker
Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker. Boost your boat's surfing wave. Give your boat the best wave it has ever experienced with the Wakesurf Edge Wake Pro Shaper, featuring a huge water displacement face for maximum wave size, and new water channeling technology that gives even more push! No more piling everybody on one side of the boat. No more waiting to switch ballast - keep all that weight in the boat!

No more small, washed-out waves. Liquid Force has done extensive R&D, and their patent-pending design displaces more water, and has proven to kick out a taller and longer wave than the other suction cup-based models out there. Concave water channeling surface pushes water in a manner that increases the length of the wave and keeps it super clean! Easy to usef quick on/offf stronger than competitionf won't damage gel coat or leave markings on your boat. Metal handles used to carry device and to engage suction cupsf won't break like plastic versionsf super easy to open and close.

No reason to worry about your wave making investment sinking to the bottom of the lake like some other brand's models. Wake Surfer Edge Pro is made with super durable non-corrosive materials that are long lasting and won't rust or stain your boat. The Wakesurf Edge Wake Shaper attaches and detaches in seconds, without leaving a trace on your boat.

It has super-strong, industrial strength, stainless suction cups which require no adhesives or modifications to your boat at all. Liquid Force's suction cups are like no other out there - easy to install and uninstall, metal handles (not plastic clips that break and are hard to use) and are specially designed to handle some curvature on your boat's hull.

Just attach the Wakesurf Edge Wake Shaper on the opposite side of the surfer towards the back of the boat, and surf away! Easily stowable, the Wakesurf Edge Wake Shaper is also made in the USA, and made of non-corrosive, durable materials. It's ultra-rugged, yet gentle on your gel coat. Other devices out there use common steel that rusts and heavy frames that sink, but the Wakesurf Edge Wake Shaper is completely non-corrosive and buoyant. The Wakesurf Edge Wake Shaper is optimized to drastically improve the wake on most boats and works great with evenly weighted ballast. It even further enhances the wave from boats with built-in surf tabs! It's compatible with most any boat that has a smooth finish. To see if your boat has a good attachment point, make sure the sides of your boat have at least a 6.5" by 14" (16.5cm by 35.6cm) smooth area near the stern. Does your hull have curvature? Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker. Boost Your Boat's Surfing Wave.

Turn Your Boat Wake into Best Wakesurf Wave You-Can-Imagine. Huge Water Displacement Face for Maximum Wave Size. New Water Channeling Technology Gives Even More Push!

No More Piling Everybody On-One-Side of Boat. Eliminates Waiting to Switch Ballast - Keep All Weight In-the-Boat! No More Small, Washed-Out Waves. Extensive R&D, & Patented Concave Technology: Makes Wake Surf Edge Only Shaper that Intelligently Re-Uses Water It Displaces Make the Wave Longer & Taller.

Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment. Easy to Use Quick On/Off Stronger than Competition. Won't Damage Gel Coat or Leave Markings On-Boat. No Worry About Wave Making Investment Sinking To-the-Bottom. Concave Water Channeling Surface: Pushes Water In-Manner that Increases Length of Wave Keeps it Super Clean! Made w/Super Durable Non-Corrosive Materials.

Long Lasting & Won't Rust or Stain Boat. Metal Handles for Carrying Device & Engage Suction Cups, Won't Break Like Plastic Versions. Super Easy to Open and Close. Require No Adhesives or Modifications to Boat.

Super-Strong, Industrial Strength, Stainless Suction Cups. Compatible w/Most Any Boat w/Smooth Finish. Requires 6.5" by 14" (16.5cm by 35.6cm) Smooth Area Near Stern. Plastic, Stainless Steel and Rubber.

6.5 by 14 (16.5 by 35.6cm) Smooth Area Near Stern. Feedback is a very powerful tool. It gives sellers a reason to conduct business at the highest level of honesty & respect.

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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker  Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Shaper 2 Wave Maker